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Life’s Abundance

This video, despite is materialistic sounding title “Prosperity”, provides soothing images and wonderful affirmations for prosperity of Life’s Abundance in a calm, male voice.

My suggestion is to either meditate with these at least once a day to remind yourself that Life is abundant or to do an intense healing session with it in order to break loose some blocks to receiving the full benefits of Life.

For the healing session, tap along (EFT-style) while listening to these affirmations. If / when you feel there is a block on one of those statements in particular, stop the video and keep tapping on that affirmation repeating it to yourself. While you are doing this, experience the emotions that emerge (i.e. anger, frustration, fear, hurt, etc.) and let them be. Continue to tap with that affirmation, until the emotion has ceased and you can accept the statement as true. If you feel/think you should not feel sad, frustrated, angry, etc. about the statement, tap on the emotion itself: “Even though I feel angry when I hear this statement, I completely love and accept myself.” Or you might have to use “…, I completely forgive and love myself,” since self-forgiveness is often harder than forgiving others.

Sometimes the emotions might change and you might go through a range of them all connected to that one affirmation. Release them all, one by one, if necessary by addressing them all separately. Healing sessions like this are intense and you want to be gentle on yourself and take time to see progress in the end. Progress is usually indicated by a feeling of release of a particular emotion. You may still feel down, exhausted, hopeless, but one feeling, at least, will have “miraculously” dissipated. That is progress; be grateful to yourself for doing this work!

Tap on as many statements as you feel capable/comfortable with and then breathe deeply to reconnect with the Earthly plane. And never forget to breathe during the process itself; remind yourself when you are sobbing or tense. If you discover something you would like help with, contact me. If you feel like you want to “tackle” one statement a day, I encourage you to do so! Remember to ask for help, not just Earthly help, but spiritual help. Ask your deceased, your angels, spirit guides, the universe, God, a living friend whose love for you is readily accessible at all times, or your pet whose presence is a source of calm confidence that there is love no matter what. Trust that help and breathe!