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My very first MerKaBa Meditation workshop had three participants; and as always with important, spiritual events, such as this one, it was exactly the medley of people that were meant to be together on this day. Since I had to keep aligning myself with spirit and trust the process of getting ready unexpectedly, all I had to do was keep trusting in my abilities and that everything will continue to go smoothly. Therefore, I was not nervous, got up in time after what, objectively after a week of insomnia, was too little sleep, was alert and present, and facilitated a workshop that every participant simply loved! Not only did they feel safe and taught well, but so did I. Once again, as always when I teach, I learned from my “students,” as the things they shared were truly inspiring. In fact, that is the reason I teach – I never cease to learn!

Altogether, the workshop went so well and I was so aligned with my purpose that several times during the day I felt like crying to express the ecstasy I experienced. What a wonderful feeling it is when things finally feel right. And how scary, too! I trust that this is the meaning of life for all of us, to find our passions and gifts and to express them as best we can. And to see the gratitude of the people who receive those! I am grateful beyond words…