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During a coaching practice call with my friend in NYC today, I was reminded of something very important. Often, spiritual people learn that they need to be able to rely on and sustain themselves to truly become whole. While that may be true, there is nothing wrong with remembering and tuning into a feeling, memory, or situation in which you felt loved by some one else in order to tune into the love that is inside all of us. Believing that we need to do it all alone, is actually just part of the separatist mindset that negates Oneness of all beings. And really, if time and space is a 3-D illusion for us to function in this realm, why not tune into a vibration that will always be there if it helps us recover the obstructed vibration within ourselves? Life in this realm can be challenging enough; why not make it easier with remembering the vibration you seek? Burton’s Quantum Jumping is just another theory of this concept, by the way… 🙂 Thank you, Alphie Thorn, for reminding me of your love!