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Today was even more special in regard to integrating my new spiritual awareness with the life that once was me – a serendipitous encounter from another conference at Strawberry Hill, London, UK this March with a Spanish scholar who was kind enough to not be threatened by my still confusing energy emissions due to my dark night of the soul experience, lightened my own presentation day. Not only did my friends come to support me in my panel presentation (I seem to have had the only “fan club” of all the presenters there), my dissertation adviser came to hear me and my boat neighbor from Berkeley Marina came. If that was not a rather motley crew already, although it certainly reflects my personality and all its facets, my friend, Cribby (or Jingle Boots) from Spain took the UC Davis to Berkeley-shuttle today just to hear me speak! How awesome and sweet is that?! What a support group to have and reassuring to hear that my academic faculties have not completely wilted away during this phase of upheaval and spiritual awakening.DSC_0091 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20131011_182230

Our lunch at a vegan place, Cafe Gratitude, was absolutely divine, as was the afternoon spent with Cribby (no longer Jingle Boots, as we found a cobbler who fixed her boots) wandering about in Berkeley during a beautiful Fall day!