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Today taught me again to be patient and trust the flow of life. In order not to repeat the long Odyssey to arrive at Berkeley Marina and to have the liberty to network during my last weekend in California, I had rented a car. But how to get to the San Jose Airport, which according to hotel personnel nobody ever flies out of? Despite its being one of the busiest airports in the Bay area, none of the conference attendants seemed to be flying from there and able to give me a ride to pick up the car.

I tried a manifestation experiment: I refused to imagine having to use public transportation again and saw myself traveling comfortably and in 40 minutes instead of 120 minutes to SJC. It finally worked! My friend, who was hesitant to commit to providing me with a ride because he could not foresee his plans and did not want to disappoint me, took me to San Jose, and the three friends of us had a lovely lunch and great conversation on the way!

Onward ho to visit other acquaintances in Albany, although it meant saying good-bye to my sojourn on my boat… What a lovely day full of good-byes and new hellos… Life is constant change!