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Today was a really unique day. Rather apprehensive about joining a church service in a place which I hoped was more spiritual than dogmatic, I did accept my friend’s invitation to the Sunday service at Inner Light Ministries in Soquel, California and was positively surprised! We started out with a meditation, continued with hymns to our(higher)selves in the form of affirmations, and listened to a “sermon” titled “Not That Answer, Another Answer” as part of the Divine Guidance series by Rev. Deborah L. Johnson. The talks all revolve around the topic, You Have To Be Kidding, God!

LOL, and that is how most of us still feel, right? We ask for divine guidance and then realize that we really do not like the answer we are receiving, arguing that “they” must have misunderstood our question or dilemma. And Rev. Johnson’s funny delivery of that concept was spot on. We don’t like what we hear, ignoring the obvious fact that we, from our perspective, cannot see the whole picture and therefore cannot possibly fathom the right answer. So, the lesson learned, or in my case gleaned at least, is to trust. Trust that the answer we get is the right one and go with it. Can I do it? Well, I practice walking every day and wish I were a toddler with no fear of the next hard furniture corner lurking in my path and I am still scared sometimes. That is where community, such as the one at Inner Light Ministries, comes into play. It was lovely to be greeted by such wonderfully open people who are not afraid of admitting to not having all the answers or being the perfect little hosts for as long as their congregation’s doors are open Sundays 10 to 12 and 5 to 6 only. I got the feeling that once I actually move there, I will have a community that cares, returns phone calls, and rejoices in my presences. And in order to celebrate that fact, I followed my heart and ended up in Capitola, CA, probably one of the quaintest places on earth. Slurping a latte and playing in the sand has never been more fun than today… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Writing some of these posts in retrospect has its advantages, as I get to remember and remind myself of what good I experienced when I feel down. Therefore, in commemoration of this beautiful experience, I pledge to trust and follow my heart’s intuition.