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After reading this article “Beichte auf dem Sterbebett: ADHS gibt es gar nicht!” [“Confessions of a Dying Man: ADHD Does Not Exist”], I am grateful that during my childhood in Germany, I was “only” exposed to continuous prescriptions of antibiotics, which left me immune to them but highly susceptible to everything else. I have now learned that my physical dis-ease is symptomatic of my spiritual / mental state of being exacerbated by outside influences, such as exposure to bacteria or germs, stress, lack of nutrition, etc.

The exposure of mental illnesses being a metaphor for unwanted behavior, to paraphrase psychiatrist and psychiatry critic Thomas Szasz, opens up further avenues of exploration into energetic sources of physical and mental dis-ease. Perhaps so-called mental illnesses are really spiritual issues that can be addressed with spiritually  based modalities, such as energy work / Reiki, etc. While I certainly do not advise anybody to stop taking their medication and/or stop seeing their mental health care practitioner, I do wonder if holistic approaches would not lead to actual healing rather than coping with the given challenge. At the very least, I learned to embrace less dependence on authorities without consulting those in other fields as well in order to arrive at a holistic diagnosis. Sadly, or fortunately, this article reveals that unconditional trust may prompt us to believe in utterly unfounded opinions disguised as facts and teaches us to take responsibility for ourselves instead of giving the power to heal into one person’s, profession’s, or pharmaceutical company’s hands. And who knows, if psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg admits to having invented ADHD as a mental illness, maybe other dis-orders really are just that, definitions for behaviors that are considered out of the accepted order…


“Kurz vor seinem Tod gestand Eisenberg dem Medizinjournalisten Jörg Blech, daß AHDS ein Paradebeispiel für eine fabrizierte Erkrankung sei, wie die FAZ berichtet. Ferner stellt die FAZ fest, daß psychische Krankheiten keine Krankheiten, sondern ein Deutungsmuster seien: Als psychisch krank würde definiert, was gegen bestimmte Regeln verstoße und von Normen abweiche. Diese Normen wären nicht ein für alle Mal fest-gelegt, sie könnten sich verändern.”

“Damit ist nun die konservative FAZ zu einer Meinung gelangt, die der libertäre Psychiater und Psychiatriekritiker Thomas Szasz schon lange war. Szasz meint, es gäbe psychische Krankheiten gar nicht im eigentlichen Sinne, sondern nur als Metapher für unerwünschtes Verhalten.”