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…is for you, my dear followers!

As an Intuitive Coach, who has received a lot of kindness this year, I want to give back to the world. What better time to do so than the Holiday Season? So I have decided to offer FREE coaching sessions for anybody interested in working on an ET (Everyday Trauma©).

Regardless of the issue, either one or more of the following modalities will help you deal with an issue that is of importance for you; for instance, the PPP, short for Peak Performance Program, lets me read your energy and clear blocks in regard to specific problem areas in your life. Those can be the Fear of Speaking Out, Self Confidence, etc. EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping, allows you to release energetic blocks on your body’s meridians by tapping on certain trigger points guided by my voice and insight. Similarly, I can guide you through Visualizations and Meditations that can help with body awareness, anxiety, sensitivities, etc.

Here is how it works: Email me and let me know how to best get in touch with you. The roughly 15-30 minute session can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype at a time that is good for you. After that, I will ask you a few questions to assess the results and possibly post it on my blog (you will stay anonymous unless advised otherwise). Sounds good? Email me today and get going on those ETs!!!

This offer will expire by the end of December 2013. Feel free to refer friends! Namaste’

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