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This evening was, from the outside, rather uneventful, as I was sluggishly trying to recuperate from my coaching session with Alphie Thorn this afternoon. Our Skype conversation, in which we both worked with each other using the coaching modalities we have at hand, has apparently kicked loose a whole bunch of energetic blocks that are now moving out of the way to me shining my light to the fullest. Both of us had some great revelations and were thankful for being friends who can help each other grow as the talented, intuitive, and well-trained coaches that we are. Nevertheless, every once in a while, the question arises why we need coaching as coaches. Although we really know the answer, we reassure one another: It takes a certain distance from your own pain to read and heal yourself on an energetic level. And sometimes it is just easier to have an outside party look at you without the filters we still carry around with us, as every energy intuitive coach will tell you. We both trained with David Morelli, among others, and even he has shared instances in which he could not see the block himself and needed another person to point it out to him. Nobody is perfect, and if a physician refuses to heal him/herself, there is trouble… I think it is a sign of wisdom to know when to reach out and I feel blessed I have friends who hearken my call… Thank you, Alphie!