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On a conference call today with Carolyn Cooper, she and Cathy Freeman simply reiterated a few things nearly all of us know already, but cannot always incorporate into our lives the way we want… They were 1) be grateful, 2) open your heart, and 3) open your arms. As part of their GLOW Celebration 2013 in order to reduce stress during the Holiday Season available for FREE during the following four days either live or as a replay here: http://www.realpositivechange.com/glow-celebration, they lovingly remind us of the things we know are important. However, they also admitted to our inability to feel grateful with open hearts and arms, if we feel too hurt by the world and instead feel too vulnerable to be anything but defensive. Thus, besides working through those hurtful memories in meditation and/or with a coach, they provided a simple first step towards healing: GRATITUDE. I absolutely loved the idea of having a Gratitude Journal in which you write every day and I feel reassured to be posting every day in my daily blessings on this blog (even if it is with a delay sometimes). Further, they suggest families (which I would like to open up to friends meeting) should talk about one negative thing and one positive thing that happened to every member during that particular day. This way, families and friends open up communication and learn to appreciate the “positive” things in life regardless of the “negative” things that happen to us… What a lovely exercise!

One way to become more aware of what you can be grateful for is to find something new you have never noticed before, such as a new kind of produce at the supermarket or a shop on a street you drive down every day. Stop and look and see that there are so many things we can be grateful for! If you find a fruit that has made it all the way from Australia, you can be grateful for the luxury of all the things it takes to get that fruit here: the farmers, the transporters, the buyers, etc. Isn’t it wonderful how many things we can be thankful for if we really invest some energy to look for them?

I, for my part, am thankful today for having been reminded of that. I am currently sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a specialty espresso drink that was 50% off with my coupon and whose purchase thus, despite my currently rather frugal circumstances, allows me to enjoy the beloved atmosphere so conducive to my writing process. I am sipping a pumpkin spice latte, typing, and watching a beautiful West Texas sunset at the same time. Thank you, universe!