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Despite this day of sheer panic triggered by the frozen water pipes in my house, I feel blessed to be at a point at which I realize that I am still privileged to have a roof over my head, heat to warm my place, and a cat to keep me company during these trying times. I choose to see the blessings in my life, instead of focusing on the lack there is alongside it, because I don’t know how to pay for these privileges next month… I am grateful to have come this far; it has been a difficult spiritual lesson to learn!

Try this for practice: An easy way to remind oneself of the blessings, even if the deviously sarcastic side wants to shut it down, is to chant the blessing one has. Even if you start with one (example: not evicted yet, food in the fridge, a friend in town, or a good book to read because you have learned to read, etc.), give it a try and see how it moves the emotion of fear, anger, resentment, or whatever out of your system and makes you feel, if not happy, much lighter. That is a start! Try it!