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Every once in a while, I see a person writing something that could have clicked out of my keyboard’s keys and I am grateful it is already out there. In the article “Have You Been Told That You Are Too Sensitive?”, the author shares her experience as a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, whose senses are developed more acutely than a normal person’s. While some of our sensitivities differ, she and I share a heightened auditory sense in addition to being energy sensitive. Towards the end of the blog, she asks us to remember that even though we might be a minority and feel completely out of place here in this realm, we are here for a reason, as: “…there is a message for all of humanity within our sensitivity.  That message is that our world can be too fast, too noisy, too busy, too complicated, too dishonest, and often too unkind for its own good.  It’s okay to slow down, simplify and say “no” to the craziness we see around us.”

Instead of perceiving our sensitivity as a weakness, as we have often been taught to do, she encourages us to embrace it, learn to value it, and realize that we are here to help change the world. If you ask people what Peace On Earth actually looks like, you might be surprised to find them wishing away a lot of occurrences that we, as HSP’s, are already sensitive to, such as exaggerated violence, dishonesty, and various factors that contribute to those and other things. So, really, there is NO reason to devalue ourselves; on the contrary, we should be celebrating the fact that more and more people are being born with this predisposition to sensory acuteness, because it means that the world really is in for a change!

Find the link to the article here: http://www.lightworkersworld.com/2013/12/sensitivities-make-feel-like-youre-wrong-planet/