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Our monthly potluck with HOPE, Lubbock was an unusually small and intimate experience with a gift exchange that was a wonderful example of synchronicity. Each of us brought a gift of something we already owned and meant something to us. We exchanged the gifts anonymously, then unwrapped and explained why we chose that item to give and how it chances to fit into the life of the one who picked it. 

Synchronicity is the alignment of occurrences that is often called a coincidence; however, there is hardly anything accidental about it. In fact, we co-create situations, people, and things showing up in our lives for a reason. We either called them intentionally or unintentionally by either feeling or thinking about them in a particular way. Really, we do this with all of our experiences, but when things are noticeably positive or negative, such as a long lost friend calling or losing a valued piece of jewelry, we call these occurrences “coincidences” or “accidents.” Tonight, we were all reminded that we called these gifts into our lives for a reason because we needed the power of a rose quartz, the beauty of a pendant, or the reminder to have fun in life in the shape of a Garfield piggy-bank…