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Wow, how meditative a good yoga session can be! I am amazed by this exercise’s ability to rid us of stuck emotions in our bodies, stuck energy that energy clearings alone cannot accomplish because of our cellular memory. As beings on this plane, with these physical structures allowing us to experience the things we do, emotional blocks morph into physical ones, i.e. illness and disease, if not resolved. However, when we neglect the physical during our energetic healing sessions and at least move our bodies gently to allow things to flow out and away freely, the chances of energetic blocks manifesting in physical discomfort, are great. Therefore, remember to move your body; do not just move emotions but make sure to connect them through physical movement. It does not have to be a rigorous exercise routine, although many of us know its benefits, but slow movement to music of your liking will do the trick. Just shaking out your hands and arms every once in a while also helps. Keep moving forward! Namaste’