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I know that the modalities I frequently use on my clients work and I feel blessed to be able to use them with the same efficacy on myself despite the challenge of having decidedly less distance to the issues needing to be resolved. Certainly my training as Life Coach has provided me with an extensive skill set, but I believe that true healing derives from everybody knowing to help her/himself. Very often, though, coaches prefer to “do magic” on their clients to ensure their clients’ return for more sessions. While I acknowledge and appreciate even coaches having coaches because another viewpoint helps see what we cannot see ourselves at times, there are a number of simple exercises that I believe every person should know along with math and reading and writing. With a skilled trainer techniques, such as visualization, EFT, and even the MerKaBa Meditation among others, can easily be acquired to the level of being independent of another person leading us through the exercise. I am grateful for being in a position that enables me to help people help themselves!