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Who Is in Charge, You or Your Mind?

Today I once again realized after rather disappointing news that potentially affect the rest of my life that I have arrived at a level of awareness and solidity which allows me to consciously choose which reality I accept for myself, the one of perpetual unemployment or the one of infinite possibilities that I simply have not yet been presented with. I feel blessed to have come this far and to understand and be able to apply the wisdom Victor Da Ponte shares in this video, so that the potential for unemployment remains exactly that: a choice I can refuse.

In this video, Victor Da Ponte teaches us to utilize our I Am Presence to create the life that we truly want. Besides leading the audience through a hands-on exercise, he explains that we need to command which reality is TRUE for us. We can either believe scarcity, poverty, everlasting heart-break, or futility to be real or command their opposites to be real. 

In a command, we invoke and feel into what Da Ponte calls the I Am Presence. For example, one can say “I am successful in my business,” or “I am one with that reality” (feel into the reality you desire). It is important, Da Ponte stresses, to feel into the desired reality. This way, you allow your divine to govern your world instead of your mind which is limited and conditioned by our upbringing, ancestry, education, social media, and organizations. 

Other commands could be “I am healthy / loved, / abundant.” You may reinforce it with saying “This is the reality, It is unconditional and now. It is so.” Remember that objections are your mind, not your divine presence commanding. Another important factor is that you can experience this change in your reality with grace, joy and ease. Strain and struggle are paradigms taught to us by people who think only hard work will grant success. However, the universe, the world or reality we want to tap into and live in, is already created and therefore accessible without strain, albeit not necessarily without pain. When pain occurs, you can feel into it to let it dissipate. If it does not dissolve on its own, it might need help, which coaches such as I can provide.

Even for me, despite my relative ease of making a conscious choice and feeling in integrity with it, old thought patterns and feelings arose during Da Ponte’s exercise. When that occurs, I know we are being given indications to the kinds of blocks that stand between us and our desired reality. We can move them.

Also, if you cannot feel into your desired reality at all, and/or your mind constantly takes over with objections, you are presented with blocks that can be moved. Various modalities are available to help you and I am happy to teach those to you. It is okay to be stuck, but if you really want to move those mountains out of your way, ask for help and learn to command!