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A friend of mine said today that “3-D just isn’t what it used to be.” I still laugh at how funny this dry comment sounds, as if this deeply West Texan lady were from the midst of London, UK! But she is right. The vibrations of this world have changed and even materializing future plans is a whole ‘nother ballgame now. People tell me over and over again that this time is about staying in the NOW. How difficult is that, when we are all so used to reveling in sadness or joy for days or weeks in a row? Well, those times are over and we are being asked to live from the heart every moment of our lives. It is about making a choice, in every moment, to stay in our hearts.

Yet it is hard to truly live from that space, because there is still hurt and anger and all sorts of nasty stuff mixed in with that joy we strive to feel and sometimes get glimpses of. Have you noticed, though, that feeling real joy requires dealing with the layers of pain covering it? ‘Tis a rather uncomfortable concept, but oh so true. The only consolation is that we all deal with it, which means there is hope. And that’s the reason that I write this blog, to remind us all to live in the NOW, to live from the heart, and to feel into the reality you want to create. I am not yet a genius at it, but I have some results: today, somebody claimed the $250 perk to help fund my poetry campaign!

Well, now the pressure is on, because he gets a signed copy of the book! 🙂 You can claim yours here: http://igg.me/at/PixieDustLikeNonPareille/x/5287935