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Having arrived back in Germany, after several of the hurdles that may await one when moving from one country to another with a cat in tow, I notice that more than anything I am grateful! Several things happened that challenged my ability to stay centered and connected, and only once did I lose connection – comparatively unimportant to everything else that could have happened, I do now have such an eclectic wardrobe that it even lacks socks and underwear… Yes, it is funny, besides infuriating and silly, but manageable once finances pick up again. 

The option of leaving my beloved cat, Shakespeare, behind due to the sudden drop in temperature at Lubbock airport, which prohibits the transport of animals without a Certificate of Acclimation that attests safe travels within a broader temperature range, was horrifying. I now know that following my hunch on Saturday morning and “losing” two hours at the vet’s, was a good thing; I am more than thankful my cat is with me now (and adjusting really well, by the way)!

Being able to rely on good friends to help you finish up the packing and trusting that that plan works out even when your ungrateful home owner already changed the locks on the front door, is yet another blessing. Instead of freaking out, I decided to stay in the moment, continue driving to the GPS directions during my Dallas layover, and deal with it later while trusting that the divine always works in my favor. By the time I had arrived at my lunch meeting, my friend called me saying the plumbers had decided to let her back into the apartment so she could finish the job. I personally find that pretty amazing! 

To have a friend drive all the way from Bad Oeynhausen to Frankfurt Airport to pick you up and drop you off in Cologne on his way back without asking for gas money borders on yet another miracle! Despite all the stress that this move has caused me, it had potential for much, MUCH more stress that did not affect me because I managed to (mostly) stay centered and trust that I am safe in the divine, which only wants my best. This experience has taught me that I can now rely on spirit, IF I refuse to worry and truly trust. It has taught me to remember at ALL TIMES to ask spirit for help; and it is teaching me to be gentle with myself. Considering the situation, I did well and need to forgive myself for the one time I did indeed panic – there are worse things than missing socks and my favorite sweaters! 

All in all, I take this adventure in good humor and let go of the guilt and inadequacy I feel for panicking while packing. However, staying in this positive energy, especially when interacting with other people, has already let me encounter auspicious interactions with people in this new city. And maybe they will be drawn to this good energy and become my next good, German friends!

Again, thank you, Cynthia, Abed, James, Vern, Gerhard and Rene’, for your generosity and help during this time of transition for me and Shakespeare! Namaste’