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I found this May message from Archangel Metatron through Amanda Ellis very helpful today and I came across it by total “accident.” Honestly, I don’t even remember how I found this link, but it is exactly what I needed. This reminds me that IF we ask for guidance and help and force ourselves to be still long enough to receive it, we actually DO hear and see the signs that lead us to what we need to know in the moment.

As you may know, my path has been a bit challenging with my involuntary return to Germany and the confusing situation I find myself in here; all I know to do is, still and rather typical for humans, what NOT TO DO: panic, judge, fear, worry, speak negatively. Although I feel all of those things in this dire moment in my life, I at least have the awareness of what not to do and catch myself before I manifest more “trouble.” Then, I sit and feel into the emotion and consciously let go of it with EFT, meditation, music, etc. Whenever I feel the urge to worry and speak negatively, I do the same or at least say “Everything is fine and in divine order. I trust and rest until I know what to do.” So, yes, I meditate and purge a lot of emotions, but I know that they are just due to old emotions that carried over from past experiences (how far in the past, whether this life or previous lives, is irrelevant). The point is to move forward by being still and healing oneself. The rest will fall into place.

It is hard to trust, but really, what else is there? And once you have experienced moments of trust, faith, and knowing that things are just right and in the flow, it becomes easier. Every time we learn something new, it becomes easier with practice, right? So, you can trust that, the process of learning, at least. Begin with that!

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