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After a week of physical illness in the form of a summer flu and personal struggles that accompany adjustment to new environments, such as a new country, different vibrations, and other frequencies, I attracted another light today: at the supermarket, an elderly woman walked up to me to compliment me on my haircut – a do, most people, especially traditional ones, do not favor. We ended up talking for about 45 minutes, I suppose, and we ended with her singing to me. While this whole scenario seems odd and even the two of us seem odd at first glance, since she is an avid church-going Christian and I am a person who prefers to consult with the Divine in private during meditation, this encounter just showed me once again how beautiful differences can be when illuminated from our light inside. An absence of prejudice, judgment, and expectation is the foundation of this lady’s life and, in return, has allowed us to run into each other and enrich each other’s life. I am grateful beyond words to know that I attract lights like her, despite my dark clouds of last week…