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It is always interesting to learn something about yourself. And this one was fun! Quiz results from http://www.truecallingnow.com/quiz/

You are a Dragonfly


As the Dragonfly, you are a spiritual warrior hitting your path head on by working through life lessons and karma even when it means embracing the deepest, darkest aspects of yourself. Your relentless seeking nature serves you well on your quest for self-realization and enlightenment. The life of a Dragonfly spans two distinct periods. During the first you diligently enlighten yourself, and then at a crucial turning point you become the messenger, teacher, or guide enlightening others with your gifts and wisdom. Once you realize your purpose or calling, it’s as if a radiant spotlight shines upon you reflecting your light into the world. With a natural ability to nurture and heal, you willingly help others transcend their limitations by expanding their awareness and elevating their consciousness. Living in alignment with truth is essential to you. When you remain true to yourself and follow your purpose, you light up your life and the lives of all who cross your path.

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