Using EFT When The Block Isn’t Obvious
Pamela Bruner – EFT Tapping ArticlesPublished by Pamela Bruner, Business Success Coach and EFT Tapping Expert
October 8th, 2012

If you have a specific complaint such as ‘my back hurts’ or ‘I’m angry at my boss,’ those are easily tappable issues using EFT. In fact, you can just start tapping and talking in order to begin to get relief on those issues: Using EFT When The Block Isn’t Obvious
However, what if the problem is more general, like ‘I don’t have the money I want’? In situations like this, I’ve had many people say to me “I know I have a block about this, but I don’t know what it is.” It can be very frustrating to try to overcome a block using EFT when even the problem itself is hidden.
In order to uncover a hidden block, you can walk through the following series of questions and steps.
How To Identify the Block
Here are some questions to ask yourself:
What is the situation that I’m not satisfied with?
For example, the answer might be ‘I don’t have the money I want.’
What action might I take to change that situation?
Answers might include:
I could get a job (or another job), but…
I could ask for more money, but…
I could try to find more clients, but…
There’s no way to change that situation.

What comes after the ‘but’ is your resistance to taking action. It doesn’t mean that all courses of action are the right ones, but using EFT to tap on the resistance is the key.
That’s your block.
For example, ‘I could try to find more clients, but no one wants to hire me.’
You would tap on ‘No one wants to hire me.’
How To Tap on Blocks using EFT
You could do this by simply tapping around the points and repeating the phrase. As you do so, the intensity of this belief will usually diminish, and new creative ideas will begin to occur to you.
You may also connect to an earlier belief or hurt that needs to be worked through as well, before this belief is cleared.
You could also create a setup statement such as ‘Even though no one wants to hire me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself’ and then tap around the points.
If the answer is ‘there’s no way to change this situation’ then tap on that. Usually as your frustration, upset, and fear about the helplessness of the situation begin to diminish with tapping, then new, creative ideas will occur to you that weren’t available before.
Be willing to use EFT for a number of rounds. Since you’re tapping on something less specific, you want to give your system time to calm the fear with several minutes of tapping at least. Don’t expect a one-round change – it’s nice when it happens, but you’re digging deeper with situations like this and it may take longer.
In the end, whether or not you completely shift what you’re tapping on, you’ve usually identified the block that’s keeping you from overcoming your issue, and can continue to pursue it on your own, or with the help of a tapping practitioner.
Keep tapping!
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