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Dear Followers,

I think I owe you an update on my recent seclusion from this blog that many of you expressed to be an inspiration. Therefore, I would like to offer my apologies for staying quiet for a while. This, however, shows you that even people whose profession it is to facilitate healing have their own growth pains – and need to take time off to heal. This does not make us lesser healers or ineffective life coaches; on the contrary, it teaches us to stay compassionate, learn about different patterns of blocks, and continue courageously. It shows others that growth pain is not only inevitable but also surmountable.

While I am finding my way back, I realized that one of our inspirations, Dr. Emoto, has passed away. In order to honor him and his legacy I include a video and blog entry from a colleague who had the privilege of meeting him last year. I am truly grateful that Dr. Emoto offered his life to prove to our 3-D brains that energetic vibrations are everything. But most importantly, I take hope from his findings that we actually are powerful enough to heal everything in this world, no matter how hopeless it appears. Thank you, Dr. Emoto, for showing our brains the things our hearts already know! Rest in Peace. Dr. Masaru Emoto & Amanda Ellis