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Hello, my dear followers!

Without trying to be “negative,” I personally do not know anybody whose summary of last year does not sound something like this: “Fuck 2014!”, myself included (1).  😉Fuck 2014

Please excuse my crude humor, but so many of my challenges were so arduous, if not grueling, that I am mighty glad we have had new energies coming in for the new year. I can already feel genuine gratitude for the good things of last year I was not able to appreciate or even perceive just a month ago. And isn’t it tiring to hear people and helpful websites, blogs, and Facebook posts tell you to be thankful every day when you, really, just want to blow everything up, when you honestly and despite your best efforts CANNOT see the good in the mire you are stuck in?

Well, the good news is that there is a reason for that unappreciative attitude of yours: Solar Flares. I do not suggest to blame them for everything, of course, but it is not helpful to dolefully assume you are the SOLE cause for all your misery at ALL times. If you are working on yourself spiritually, then it may well be that the universe is helping you grow in a way you seriously resented last year. And solar flares are one of its ways to help. Let me explain.

There are several articles you can peruse, but I quote from one that says that lately, “we [have] come to a very significant and important realization…that solar flares have a direct effect on everything that exists on our blue marble…even human consciousness.” Solar flares affect not only the Earth’s atmosphere and her electromagnetic energy field, but people’s as well. Thus, especially for people who are raising their consciousness and therefore activating their pineal gland are susceptible to any changes in the magnetic fields.

In a study done by Russian scientist Tchijevsky, who looked at nearly over 2000 years of human history in 72 countries, it shows that “80% of the most significant human events occurred during a five year period surrounding the peak of solar activity.” That means that solar flares affect humans on levels of mood, excitability, behavior patterns, and creative activity. This is reason to rejoice, even if it hits you on the “negative” mood level…

Although solar activity is really a double whammy in that it activates even unconscious “negative” feelings such as jealousy, anger, fear, or frustration, and further weakens our energy fields that are already weakened by those emotions, they can be truly helpful in our evolution. Solar flares uncover suppressed issues and make them rise to the top to be processed, wounds healed, and fear let go so that, overall, the purging of those emotions brings about the growth of the spirit trapped within this human experience.  So ultimately, solar flares are wholesome.

If you are not convinced of the salutary properties of solar flares, I understand. It is hard to find yourself in a downward spiral that is accelerated by the sun. But whenever you do have a moment of peace, be it by giving thanks to the meal you eat or the purr of your cat on your lap, do not judge the fact that you cannot feel it wholeheartedly. Love yourself for even thinking of it, because, in effect, that is the tiny spark of self love that has the potential to grow into the light that will heal you from within. My advise is, don’t try too hard and ask for help. The universe provides. Even the solar flares are accompanied by the beautiful sunshine that makes life possible on Earth and warms our faces once it lurks through the cloud hung skies.



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