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Prema Agni – Fire of Divine Love

“We must set up the sacrificial fire known as Prema Agni within our self. We must feed the flame by truthful utterances or we quench it by uttering falsehood.” – Mundakopanishad (Upanishads) 

Prema AgniThe precious symbol Prema Agni signifies ‘FIRE OF DIVINE LOVE’ and opens the heart for Love to flow IN and OUT.

Prema Agni can be drawn on anyone, by anyone. How to draw the Prema Agni symbol:

Ask the person to stand with their back to you and close their eyes. Make sure it is okay to draw this symbol on the person by asking your Higher Guidance. If you hear silence, it is safe to draw the symbol on the person. You then draw Prema Agni over the heart chakra on their back and down the spine as shown below. After you have drawn the symbol, place your right hand over the heart chakra on the person’s back and your left hand lightly on their left shoulder. Then repeat aloud three times, “Prema Agni, Prema Agni, Prema Agni.” At this point, energy will flow from Source, through you and out your hand, energizing the symbol. Keep your hand in that position until you feel the energy is complete and has stopped flowing (usually this will be several seconds).

Prema Agni 2

After the energy is complete, gently bring your hand back from the person’s heart chakra, and hold your hand 2-3 inches from the person’s physical body, with your palm facing the person’s heart chakra. Keep your hand in this position for several seconds while the person’s heart chakra clears.

When you feel this release is complete, very gently tap the person’s shoulders three times with the index and middle fingers of your hands (tap both shoulders at the same time). Then snap your fingers with both hands to disconnect from the person’s energy.

Allow the person to stand quietly integrating the Prema Agni energy for as long as they wish. Some people will open their eyes immediately, and some will stand in meditation for several minutes. Either way is fine. When the person opens their eyes, you may hug them if it feels appropriate.

It is important that when you draw the zigzag on step two, you draw 9 points, not 8 or 10.

Please give a copy of this to whomever you draw the symbol on, so they can in turn share it with others, thus opening LOVE for the Planet.

And this is what I am doing here, hoping many people will find this useful. You may draw this sign not only on Prema Agni Day, but any time you and a group of people feel like you want to help each other connect to source. I thank the author of this text, whose website no longer exists, for above instructions.

Happy Prema Agni Day! Namaste’