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Dear All,

I am offering to host a SOUL CLEANSE, a 21-day exercise in practicing forgiveness. It is easier to do than to sit and force yourself to finally let go of the anger at your colleague bullying you at work, because all you do is read this prayer twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night, you read out loud this prayer gifted to us by the keepers of the Akashic Records and gifted to me to use by Lisa Barnett. Prayer-of-Forgiveness-Bonus-Gift. As a side note, you do not have to be religious in any way or worry, if you are; this prayer merely addresses the Divine, no matter what you to call it.

As there will be new energies coming in on August 8, 2015 – you may notice it is a triple 8, meaning infinity – I think it will be good to start with a clean slate, so to say. It takes three weeks for a behavioral pattern to change and starting this Sunday means that by the time August 8 rolls araound, we are ready!

The energies are about trust and self-sufficiency. It is not always easy in these times of change and challenges to have both, and often the blocks to these are issues of forgiveness. Therefore, I am moderating this group on Facebook in which every member is welcome to honestly share his/her experiences with the transitions in life that will certainly take place. These may include sudden changes in relationships that go from strained to relaxed without any drama, or an increase in calm and confidence in oneself. The effects may be manifold, but the group will always be supportive and respectful in order to support each member during these three weeks.

I look forward to your sharing your experience with us! Namaste’


Vergebung ist ein heikles Thema: keiner gibt gerne zu, dass er/sie Schwierigkeiten hat, jemandem zu vergeben. Dabei gibt es den berühmten Spruch “Wer Groll trägt, trägt eine heisse Kohle, die letztendlich nur ihn selbst verbrennt.” Allerdings heisst das nicht, dass man Groll so einfach loslassen könnte. Dabei soll diese Aktion helfen. Da es drei Wochen braucht, um ein Verhaltensmuster zu verändern, fangen wir diesen Sonntag an, um am 8. August 2015 bereit, für die neuen Energien zu sein. (Artikel hier)

21 Tage lang werden wir zweimal täglich das Vergebungsgebet laut lesen, und sehen, was für Veränderungen sich in unserem Leben einstellen. Das Gebet ist an keine Religion gebunden, sondern bittet das Göttliche, die Schöpfung, oder das, was Du es persönlich nennen magst. Um uns gegenseitig zu unterstützen, gibt es eine Facebook Gruppe, auf der man sich vertraulich und respektvoll austauschen kann.

 Ich freue mich auf Deine Teilnahme! Namaste’