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Dear Fellow Light-Workers,

While all the efforts to save our planet are valid and necessary, I learn that the way we do it is altogether inefficient and actually perpetuating the things we seek to change. While acknowledging that there are certain problems is important, because I believe that the opposite still causes denial rather than positive intention, it is essential to know and master the art of holding the “right” intention.

As you know, I am very much involved in planetary conservation and regularly post appeals to sign petitions on my Facebook page. However, I have been simply sending the letters just as they were written, namely in an accusatory style that fed energy to the situation I seek to alter.

Today, after learning something I had read a million times before, I put into practice what Tony Burroughs explained so lucidly in his videos. In order to get the result we want, we have to hold that intention instead of reiterating the unwanted state of things.

Therefore, I altered my letter to President Obama pre-written by the NRDC today this way: “

“First of all, I want to thank you for doing the great job you are doing. Please know that I truly appreciate your integrity, courage, and universal love which permeate all of your difficult decisions.

As I am not in the least familiar with policy, I alter this email to encourage you to keep loving humanity into a healthier future, which, of course, is contingent on a healthy planet.

I am sad that the Interior Department has approved Shell’s reckless plans for drilling in the pristine Arctic Ocean. You know all the facts, and they do not need reiterating.

But as I was there to help clean up the oil at Grand Isle, Louisiana in 2010 and know first hand that it can never be cleaned up for real, I just want you to know that I keep supporting you and your endeavors with all my light and might.

In Light-Worker’s support,…”

Of course, one has to find one’s own words, but the essential elements are key: WE MUST ENVISION THE REALITY WE WANT !

Let us all try it and see what happens. After all, this is the secret to manifestation, right?