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Dear Fellow Travelers:

As the day comes to an end here in Germany, I can say that the thoughts of fear that pervaded my being this morning, have dissipated. Even after the prayer and despite its immediate effect of calm, I noticed thoughts of fear raging through my mind that were hard to shake off. I did not, however, want to keep saying the prayer. Instead, I kept intending to remain positive and recalled everything I learned from the Intenders.

Not that I have not practiced all that before; it just did not stick due to personal circumstances. Nevertheless, after a lot of clearing work on my own and with the help of awesome friends and coaches, I have gotten back to a place from which telling myself to stay positive no longer sounds hollow and trite. Maybe it was the power of the Prayer of Forgiveness that granted me the kindness towards myself for straying off the path.

Whatever else I do, I forgive myself for not being perfect and commend myself for doing the best. My, what a load of weight it takes off! I suggest you try it, too. Part two and three of the Prayer are just about that – especially part three. It is so important, yet we so often forget to forgive ourselves. And you know what else? Forgiving others becomes much easier when you forgive yourself first for being unable or unwilling to forgive them. Jesus said for a reason to love thy neighbor as thyself. We do have to start with ourselves; if we cannot extend kindness and forgiveness to ourselves, how are we supposed to genuinely extend it to others?

Please join our SOUL CLEANSE and participate in this communal effort to return to our divine innocence: https://www.facebook.com/groups/824951174240888/    It is free and only requires saying the prayer twice a day and communicating in a supportive manner on the “closed” group page. I’m looking forward to meeting you!