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Dear englobe.me Followers,

To give you an idea of the festival, I suggest you watch this video and look at some of the pictures I posted on my Facebook page. The experience is nearly beyond words. So much healing, community, fun – the high I was on was incredibly high, and I recommend this festival for any healing you want to do in your life, as it provides you with all the essentials as mentioned above.

The HEALING I received happened by connecting with Earth elementals during a yoga class, sound healing, an impromptu energy healing from a short encounter with a goddess from Santa Cruz standing in the entrance to the Food Lab, a massage from a new friend, and the sharing of some modalities with a person who would benefit from my own knowledge.

The COMMUNITY involved sharing the little things in a primitive camp where showers happened by bathing in the lake, such as food, materials, etc. Everybody hugged you “Hello” when you met, you smiled, you cried, you felt unjudged. That is truly liberating.

It was FUN to dance all night, to move your healing body to the the different kinds of music from shamanic drumming to Drum ‘n Bass, to skinnydip in the lake, to do yoga, eat healthy foods, and to dress like the goddess I am:


Recreating this high is my goal during this road trip, to let go of all the things that still hold me back and prevent me from living my life. Gratitude for this incredible experience helps, and I have started to trust myself again. Following my intuition to stay at a hostel at Venice Beach just to run into another goddess from Burning Man is the synchronicity I now cultivate in my life! Networking with people at the conference is the 3D activity to support those synchronicities. All is well! And I am grateful!