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Dear Followers,

I am re-reading the works by Florence Scovel Shinn, New York City’s famous intuitive of the early 20th century, and stumbled not only over several important reminders of how to manifest our dream lives, careers, love lives, houses, finances, etc., but also about this little paragraph:

“‘Delighting yourself in the law’ means to enjoy making a demonstration [manifesting something]. To enjoy trusting God, means to be happy in following your intuitive leads [sic]. Most people say, ‘Oh dear; I’ve got to demonstrate money again;’ or ‘Oh dear, my hunches make me so nervous, I haven’t the nerve to follow them.’ People enjoy playing golf and tennis, why can’t we enjoy playing the game of life?”

Scovel Shinn claims that we do not enjoy playing the Game of Life and demonstrating the things we desire because we “are playing with unseen forces.” Unlike in golf or tennis in which the balls and goals are clearly visible, we do not know which ways will open up to us to bring us to our desired goals; in fact, we don’t even always know what the goals will look like exactly. However, Scovel Shinn asserts that “The goal is the Divine plan of your life where all conditions are permanently perfect.”

While she explains that it is our thinking that prevents us from following our intuition, I believe one important reason that we do not follow intuition is not only that we were not taught to, but that we are afraid of the pain of making “mistakes.” Although there are no real mistakes in the spiritual sense, because they are just lessons to learn from, we do not always see which lesson it is and suffer from mistakes we are not even conscious of because they were decisions enforced by subconscious programming. Since this programming can be years, decades, and even life-times old, all we are aware of is the pain – and a natural action to take to avoid pain is to do what we were taught to do: think things through. FSS

Theoretically, if we really did learn from our mistakes, we would be aware of the fact that thinking does not help us much at all at times. Imagine being in an abusive relationship (be it romantic or professional) and thinking “well, I should leave this situation, because I do deserve better.” Yet we all heard of spouses not leaving their abusive partner or people sticking with a job because they are afraid; the fear of being alone, financially adrift, and without a social system or certain kind of income is greater than all the feelings that come with being abused. Even when the job does not even pay a reglar income because it is based on commission, our fear is dominant. Why?

The reason is pain. The pain of growing up with a mother always worried about bils. The pain of seeing other children get ice-cream in the summer. The pain of being the only one not going to riding camp or even getting back into lessons now, because money is always tight. We barely scrape by. And for the reasons of an abused person: we have all seen it on TV at some point and therefore bears no need for repitition. So we get angry at Florence, who nonchalantly claims that life is just a game. Not having seen The Hunger Games, because I stay away from violent pictures, I imagine my life like that anyway, based on what I heard about it: dangerous, survival of the fittest, unfair, and a continuous struggle interlaced with the pain of losing what you love.

And we are miserable. We keep reading her book anyway and alternate it with Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books hoping to finally get the message. But do we? No, we don’t, and the reason is that most of us keep avoiding our pain when instead we should embrace it. Even though it sounds paradoxical, it is really the only way to heal. No matter how much make-up you cover a boil with, it will only heal if you let out the pus – eventually, it’ll all have to come out. Gross! Yes, it is. Crying all night is not fun, but I have not only heard it said by energy healers, but have experienced it myself that crying for 20 minutes, working yourself through absolute misery, will be the most for that layer of pain to dissolve. Granted, there might be more layers, but it really only takes 20 minutes.

I have gone through it many times, last night being one of them. Another layer of pain wanted to be resolved, triggered by something that happened at work and the forceful energies coming in in preparation of the 11/11 portal next week. I woke up with puffy eyes, but I also know that releasing one more layer of pain also means positively affecting so many other areas of my life. We often forget that Fear of Rejection, for instance, affects us on several levels, such as work (bullying), career (finding the right job), success (jealousy), friendships (or the lack thereof), love life (loneliness), family (dysfunctionality), and so on. So the good thing about puffy eyes is the knowledge that things will shift in more than one area. That is something in which to rejoice!

Now, does it mean we find life easier to “play”? Well, I am working on it. Little manifestations did happen when I was in a better place overall. So what I do is remind myself of that place. This way, I remind myself that I can actually do it. I also appreciate my resiliance and courage to face my pain. And really, that is the way to learning to play the Game of Life if not right then better: having the courage to face one’s pain. Since we are so easily distracted nowadays with television, computer games, substance abuse, or social media, it is easy to distract ourselves from ourselves. Although every once in a while we cry during a sad movie because it “hits a chord,” we tend to avoid spending time with ourselves and our emotions. Once we dare do that, however, we can start to heal and move from a place of fear to a place of confidence and, finally, joy of playing the Game of Life. I know people who are there. And I know we can all do it.

Therefore, take courage, face yourself, and embrace the energies coming in to help you purge. Appreciate every day how far you have come and forgive yourself for having days you want to rest. All is in divine order as there is no time – time is a 3D construct. Stay in love with yourself and you will love the process. Notice the things coming up and address them without judgment. And most of all, after all my good advice, listen to your own intuition! 😉

Stay connected! Namaste’