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Hello, Dear Readers!

‘Tis the season again to remember the reason for our beloved holidays. The days get longer and there is more dreary weather to drive us inside with a good book, to good conversations, family time, and space for ourselves. Recalling Christmas lists mixes with ruminating on the reason for the season: love and forgiveness.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, deep down inside of every denomination and human heart is the desire to be forgiven. And the desire for the ability to forgive.


Often, though, we can only forgive others when we have learned to forgive ourselves. And it is often harder than we think. This is why I have created a little offer to help people like you to move into forgiveness in a simple way.

By reading a Prayer of Forgiveness twice a day for 21 days during this December 2015, sharing your thoughts and feelings, asking for advice, and being mentored in a private Facebook group, you too can begin / learn / continue to let go!

See what others have said during my first Soul Cleanse this summer:

  • “No thoughts so far; just feelings. Feelings of peace, release…”

  • “I quit counting [the days, but] if I say the prayer a couple times a week, it’s helping me open to forgiveness.”

  • “It is helping me a lot, but ebbs and flows.”

  • “I’m definitely continuing. … This prayer and this group have set me in a direction that I’d been avoiding. Thank you!”

Get into the Holiday spirit!

Join a community of people whose aim it is to practice forgiveness for others as well as for oneself.

Share and receive support in our moderated, secret FB group and notice how similar our experiences in regard to forgiveness actually are. You will need an active Facebook account.

Please join us on this journey to a WHOLE YOU!

You may join any time this December. Once you have submitted the donation ($21 / € 21 is recommended), you will receive a welcome-email that includes your link to the FB page and the prayer.

I look forward to practicing FORGIVENESS with you!

Namaste’,                                                                   Yes to Forgiveness!

       Dr. Ronja Vieth