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Dear Blog Followers:

Despite the intensity of the incoming energies that are knocking me out and turning me in early today (it is night time in Germany anyway), it is a wonderful time to tune in and lay the foundations of your new you in 2016.


However, if you feel too tired or challenged by ascension symptoms, make sure to stay centered and connected; let things come up and out. For instance, mean things happened today to me, but I knew it was a lesson learned and a life exam passed, since I stood my ground, was shaken only for a little while, and then resumed my divine poise. This is what it feels like to be centered and connected: to know deep down inside that there is a point of gravity, of divine poise to which you can always return no matter where the energies (either those coming in or those exiting your being) sway you. I am dead tired, but I am loving it – doubt is finally dwindling!

While tonight I will curl up with a good book, I will spend tomorrow outside connecting with nature to get clearer guidance on my divine plan. I am excited about 2015 coming to an end and my new life unfolding next year! Happy Winter Solstice, y’all!