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For those of my followers who do not follow me on Facebook, here is finally the update to my latest adventures:


I arrived in Los Angeles to gather some energy from the sun and Pacific before heading to Berkeley in order to teach three workshops at the New Humanity Conference. It will be two SOUL CLEANSE workshops on forgiveness on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Sunday, I will teach a WRITE YOUR HEART writing workshop in which we will use stream of consciousness to assess our current status in order to successfully change it, as staying positive and continuing the healing is imperative in these intense energies of eclipses this September 2016.


For anybody interested in attending, you can stream everything live; you do not even have to travel to beautiful Berkeley! I still have one ticket to give away, if you email me at englobe.me@gmail.com telling me why you would like to attend.

Check out the speakers and workshop descriptions here.

You may book tickets on the website or just come by the venue at the La Quinta Inn on University Ave. There is even free parking.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear and experience everything that has to do with our paradigm shift for humanity, Gaia, and the universe. It is truly amazing the variety of speakers this conference presents.

I’ll see y’all there!