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Do you remember that scene from this really old movie City Slickers? It came out in 1991 and I haven’t watched it for years. Besides the fact that I totally get the “grow some balls” message of it and can appreciate its subtle messages of “impossible” being a misnomer for a spiritual person, it contains a scene whose impact really put me in touch with what we all already feel to a certain extent: ONE.

tumblr_msdoeqe14g1stlkgho1_500The scene I refer to is not the one of the calf Norman being born; it is the scene in which the two ranch cowboys drunkenly hold Norman ransom in order to tease Mitch, alias Billy Crystal, out of his tent by pointing a gun into Norman’s mouth. While Norman’s pink and moist tongue is hoping for milk, I am hoping for Mitch to stand up with his newly found “balls” and save the baby cow. But also, I am noticing an unexpected emotional breakdown on my part.

Really, there was no reason for that. Mitch saved the calf, and the scene was nothing like the random, violent killings of animals at the beginning of the movie Life of Pi, which left me screeching and upset in the theater. Yet, five minutes after the city slicker Phil had his breakdown in the tent, I started bawling in my kitchen over my freshly made cup of English tea.

Aware and used to letting things flow that need to purge during these energetic shifts, I got in touch with a long suppressed aspect of myself – the extreme empathy I feel with animals and all living things. Even if we call it controlled instead of suppressed, as I never stopped saving earthworms flushed up by the rain onto the sidewalks and just saved one a day ago in Cologne, I found myself overwhelmed by this urge to apologize to every living creature I have ever hurt. Ever.

Every cow I ate, every mosquito I killed, every roach Raided and every leaf I ever broke off trees while climbing them, I suddenly felt the hurt I caused them. And though one can argue that that was their fate, their karmic choice to experience that event, I cannot deny the fact that I can feel what they felt and feel genuinely sorry.

The blessing and the “curse” of an empath such as myself is that we are here on Earth now to feel these feelings. We are here to break down in tears and scream apologies into the air. We are meant to mumble the mantra “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” which leans on the Hawai’ian Hoʻoponopono teachings of forgiveness by taking 100% responsibility for one’s actions. And while I still grant my body the occasional fish and do eat plants, I realize the ONENESS we all are, and that their pain is mine.

There is no judgment for carnivores, because as 3-D creatures, most humans need the nutrition of meat. Also, most humans need plants to live. Very few of us can sustain themselves relying only on light yet. But we are getting there. We are getting there by getting lighter, by shedding our weight of karma. I do not call it guilt, because it is not guilt. There is nothing wrong with utilizing what Gaia gives us to feed ourselves. But there is the necessity to realize that it is an exchange of energy – and that can only occur by feeling it.

Feel the ONENESS by tuning into your food. Thank the animals and plants for allowing you to use their energy for yourself and express that gratitude. Bless their lives as well as yours and notice how your relationship to the rest of the world changes. See howfirefly-19155086 you look at flowers differently that are here to give us joy. Notice the snail on your path and carry it across so the next person will not step on it. Whisper to the trees when they whisper to you – forests are wonderful living organisms and great entities of energy. Notice how you light up in this world, as I did just now in my kitchen by shedding yet another layer obscuring our light that will drive out the dark.

Light up, light-worker, feel the ONE!