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Dear Readers,

liberty-sadAs I was being challenged with my own obstacles in another part of the world last week, I noticed that I have been called upon to comfort a lot of my friends in the United States. It seems everybody was shaken by the results of the election, but it is also evident that people are not only traumatized but actually afraid. Finding myself in the role of comforter, I intuitively knew what to say, though: choose LOVE over FEAR.

That is easier said than done, even for my friends, most of whom are lightworkers, just like I am. But despite their, understandably, low vibration last week, I felt elated and raised in my own frequency every time we connected. The reason for that is as clear as the message of the election results itself: UNITY is key.

Last week’s aftermath seems to be dividing the country and humanity at large into more distinct fractions and on the political plane appears to be a continuation of the UK’s Brexit earlier this year. Donald Trump certainly represents a lot of things lightworkers have been fighting against for centuries, such as misogyny, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, exploitation, nepotism, corruption, etc. But we mustn’t forget that he is also a mirror of society and humanity that values 3 dimensional attributes.

As Mary Magdalene says so poignantly,bird-cage “The majority of people on Earth . . . are still committed to the third-dimensional programs of power, success, independence, etc.” She explains that for many, Trump “represents the qualities they aspire to—power, success, independence, etc.” And while it may sound strange, “He is a hero figure to them. For women, he represents the father figure or strong male hero. Men identify with him in a more personal way, seeing him as someone who’s gotten the “goods” of [our] society — money, women, freedom, power.”(1)

Though the “hero figure” might be hard to stomach, lightworkers know that we are really all ONE. It is only our approaches to achieving unity that differ depending on our level of consciousness. Used in a non-judgmental way to merely distinguish the levels a human has reached in her/his ability to tap into the divine that includes and inhabits everybody, it is a different field of vibration. While some are just now waking up and are “startled, confused, [and] lost,” others, i.e. lightworkers, are “becoming light-hearted so that they can move into full-service mode,” while others already “live in full-service mode [and] get up each day and literally work  . . . to reach the masses who are in seeking/ research-mode right now trying to understand/make sense of a very confusing process [of ascension]” (2).

For people, who still value the 3-D attributes that Trump represents, he is a harbinger of hope and change and freedom. These goals, however, are the same ones shared by lightworkers and everyone in between. UNITY and UNIVERSAL LOVE are nothing but hope and change and freedom from the lack and restrictions we currently experience. Thus it is important to know that since there is no distinction between beings in the divine, moving toward these goals means realizing in the 3rd dimension that there is no distinction. This realization, and living this realization, is what is meant by “people in full-service mode” (2).

These people get up every morning and do the work of incorporating the divine with everything they do. They manage to observe their feelings in reaction to what is and choose “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” for all their blessings, realizing that those words are a “much more powerful thought than ‘Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!’” (3). They shine their divine light by being non-judgmental and loving in all situations and guiding the confused by their examples. They shine so that others learn to recognize their own light, their own divinity.

If you know you are a lightworker but have not managed this reaction to last week’s occurrences, do not despair – at least you know what to do. I have told this to my friends all of last week, this is just a test. It is probably one of many, so it is important for us to master what we have been practicing for a while. Mary Magdalene says that “This election and its results is just one test of what is likely to be many tests in this process [of ascension]. You have a choice as to how these situations will affect you. We support you mourning to the fullest extent you need to. [But we] also support you rising above the third-dimensional feeding of fear” (1).

The message could not be any clearer: Do Not Give In To Fear! The divine is supporting us with ever higher vibrations coming into our sphere. Mother Earth, Gaia, is experiencing healing while awareness of her exploitation peaks in peaceful protests, such as #NODAPL . Many of us lightworkers keep anchoring these vibrations, but we need to connect and stay strong in the face of more upheaval. Metaphorically, it is like a boil being popped – everything unpleasant must ooze out before true healing can commence. Outrage and fear lavawill rise as people find out that we “have been lied to, manipulated, poisoned, and mind controlled (among other things) for so long by the people they trusted to lead them to salvation and protect them from dangers. It will get chaotic when they find out that their governments have in fact been the danger all along, and they never had their best interests in mind. Quite the opposite in fact” (4).

We are being called to step up. No more giving others the responsibility for our lives and blaming them when things go wrong. As many, many people still have to go through these wake-up calls, lightworkers have to stay in alignment. That means: “courage, returning to love and ease, resistance when needed, choosing integrity, speaking up or being a spokesperson, going against the status quo when it is unjust, allowing Spirit to move people / places / things forward, stepping back for rest, breaks or contemplation / assessment / rejuvenation”(5).

For years, people have been scandalized when I said that I, as an academic, have not watched or read the news in ten years. But once I came to the realization that as an empath surrounded by enough atrocities I hardly had a chance to impact positively, I wisely cut off the news feed in order to raise my vibration and be strong enough to actually change the things I was able to change (namely those in my immediate surroundings). Obviously, I do know what is going on in the world, as those news that are meant to call upon my abilities as an energy worker to send healing will enter my sphere – and that is arranged divinely. And that I trust.

Like Mary Magdalene suggests, I do “turn off the news and meditate or go in nature.” She advises to “support yourself in reconnecting with God and your own divinity in whatever way you need to. And then act, when you’re ready, from your highest consciousness and open heart” (1). If you still think 3-D engagements are more important in these times of change, during which our consciousness is being upgraded to beyond this dimension, consider that it is your decision, your application of FREE WILL: “the decision that the autopilot of your life is more important than the love, the expectation that busywork is more important than connecting with all, defeats it [being UNCONDITIONAL LOVE] (6).

Michael continues, there “need[s] to be a willingness, and dare I say, a discipline – a discipline practice of taking the time, the energy, the room to create with all your apertures that sense of connection.” It is “stillness, beingness, onenes” that indicates to the divine that you choose to connect and then all of your doing will be instilled with being the divine (6). It is your choice whether you chase 3-D appointments, or choose to be with the ONE. When you connect, you are ready to receive and give from a place of LOVE. And the world needs you to do so.


We, as lightworkers, are being asked to “step forward and lead when the time comes and you are called into action. . . . You are important, and your role is vital. We need you now more than ever to hold the light, as you are about to get called up into active duty. . . . We ask you to remain strong for these last few draining, and disappointing moments, as soon they will be just a memory of a bad dream that you vaguely remember and almost never think about” (4).

Those of us, who are awakening to their divine potential, keep going! Find us, find the lights around you to help you grow. You are important.

Those of us who are waking up to the truth behind the mask of 3 dimensional deception, look for the lights around you. If you cannot find humans, ask animals and nature. Trees have a lot to tell, and animals are much more communicative about how to be in tune than you might have ever expected. Why else would pets love us so unconditionally, other than to teach us about unconditional love?

And by all means, trust. Choose LOVE over FEAR. Seek UNITY with the DIVINE. Remember, we are all ONE.



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