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Dear Readers,

Maybe you, too, have trouble connecting with your real you sometimes. We put meditation onto our agenda, we seek solitude and communion with Nature and end up…here.

I found this today, I will print it out and tape it onto my mirror so I am reminded to actively seek help. For when I do, as I do when pushed to real extremes in regard to physical or emotional pain and do ask Mother Mary for help, my load of anxiety, fear, desperation, jealousy, or despondency immediately lightens.

This shows me that our guides and angels are here to help us. But free will always prevents them from intervention until we use our free will to ask. Remember that. This is the meaning of free will: we get to choose everything. Our mindset, our reality, our perception of experiences, our health, our support….they are all things we choose, even if it does not always seem like it. And that is because some of our commitments were agreed to behind the veil. However, this veil is lifting and we do get insights – sometimes, when useful for us.

Leaving victimhood is never easy. In 3-D it required physical battle, but that was only possible with a mental victory that first shifted you into a winner mindset of freedom, right? Continue the “fight” though it has now changed to a battle of love, fireflies-night-forest-fireflies-77703487and lightworkers are now actually warriors of love. Our battles are still first within ourselves. We shift ourselves and help shift the world. Yet also in 4-D an army has more power than individuals, so let’s all unite. Let us unite with the light we all, as individual lightworkers, are. Let us unite with the help surrounding us in the form of beings we can perceive best when in meditation. But help is out there. We are not alone. Just remind yourselves!

“Dear Inner Guidance, 

It is extremely difficult on Earth within this NOW, and I feel myself beginning to fall into feelings of fear. What I would like to do within this NOW, what I would like to have in this NOW is a long communion with you, my Higher Self. 

I would like to talk with the version of my SELF who lives in constant Unconditional Love, constant security, and within my constant knowing that I AM a multidimensional being.”

 Instantly, the Golden Ones, your Higher Selves, [God] to whomever you speak, will say:

“Please join us. We see that you are doing such wonderful service for our dear friend Gaia, and we wish to comfort you. 

We wish to love you and to send you Unconditional Love. We wish to bathe your bodies in Violet Fire so that you will return to your Earth consciousness feeling replenished by our feeling love and able to remember that you volunteered to take a body on the form of Gaia within this NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

We thank each one of our brave volunteers to ascending Earth. We bless each one of you and send you all Unconditional Love as we ‘Blaze, Blaze, Blaze you, and your current physical reality, with Violet Fire to transmute all shadow into light, light, light.’” 

I hope this helps you. I am sure it’ll help me! Thank you and namaste’


(Communication adapted from http://www.lovehaswon.org/ascension-spirituality/your-galactic-family-preparing-for-first-contact-chapter-29-we-are-you-you-are-us-and-i-am-we)