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Dear Ones,

There are, of course, many ways to heal one’s wounds; whether it is with the help of a healer and/or in your own meditation, there are multiple aspects to and modalities of healing that which no longer serves us.

What do I mean by “what no longer serves” us? We hear this phrase repeatedly, but let us take a minute to clarify. Whatever no longer serves us refers to patterns in our mental, emotional, or physical energy systems that block us from being the crystalline BEINGness our path of ascension / spiritual development leads to. All beings, no matter what shape or form they come in, are part of the ONE consciousness, the DIVINE ESSENCE. So are we.

Our life on Gaia (Earth) is like a computer game in which we overcome hurdles, tackle tasks, and learn to embody unconditional / universal love – the essence of ONE. Our experiences from this and other life times (and even other temporal and spatial dimensions) create patterns in our being, some of which help us move towards ONEness, some of which keep us separated from ONEness. One could now begin to discuss the role of the ego, the human’s protective mechanism, here, but it would lead us on a tangent and is therefore better left for another post.

Briefly, though, the EGO is part of what creates and keeps up those patterns in order to protect us from more hurtful experiences in life. Accordingly, it is very resistant to giving up control and hard to convince that the only way to a pain-free existence is the healing of old wounds. Once a human has begun a healing process, though, it is easier for the EGO to relinquish control and allow for more healing.

It is essential to allow the EGO a chance to evaluate what is going on without demonizing it – after all it tries to serve us. But if old patterns of protection, patterns reinforced by the EGO no longer serve us, we can let them go. Mental patterns of “negative thinking” or “negative self-talk,” emotional patterns of “love hurts” or “being afraid,” or physical patterns of illness and disease are all signs that urge you to move into a healthier state of BEING.

We recognize patterns worthy of letting go by becoming AWARE of our blocks and pains. Whether it be physical, emotional, or mental blocks, if we cannot move into a joyous place of unconditional love in our lives, there are patterns waiting to be transformed. One such way to do this yourself or with the help of a well-trained healer is meditation with three divine BEINGS that take on distinctly different roles in healing you; a sample female trio would be: the GRANDMOTHER, the MOTHER, and the SISTER. Some might prefer a male trio, some might mix it up. The point is that they have distinct roles to help you through a block.

Let’s say that you are in meditation (with or without a coach) and attempt to unite with unconditional love. You realize a great pain coming up and being the aware BEING that you are, acknowledge it is your inner child crying out for pain of feeling abandoned, for instance. The first BEING, the GRANDMOTHER’s, role is to comfort you as your INNER CHILD (the person you were at age 5 or 6). I like to imagine my own great-grandmother whom I only met once when I was five and barely remember. All I remember is her bosom, her lap, and her huge birthmark on her right cheek. Every time I feel vulnerable, but do not even want to discuss my pain or sorrow (which is a good indication of the INNER CHILD needing attention, because children can hardly conceptualize their pain), I go  to her (during meditation) and put my head in her lap. Her hands cover my head and I wait for the pain to drain out of me.

In meditation, which is a bit of processing work sometimes, I then move on to the MOTHER. MOTHER MARY is the epitome of the perfect mother role for me and without judgment nor expectations allows me to see what I need to see as an adult. Sometimes I converse with her and hear what she has to say, sometimes I get energetic input, sometimes she just takes my fear/worry/pain, etc. away. Whatever you need as the adult seeking the qualities of the perfect MOTHER figure, you get when you have the courage to connect.



Thinking about /feeling into the block that keeps you from unconditional love at this point, you may then want to turn to your SISTER figure, which for me is MARY MAGDALENE. Being the female aspect to the male aspect that JESUS represents, their union symbolizes the unification of the male and female energies and aspects in the universe. Turning to her for relationship advice can thus be very helpful. But she also represents the strong woman whose presence in the universe is equally important as the male presence. Again, connect and hear (by which I mean using your coach as interpreter or using your own clairsentience, clairaudience, etc.) to have her guide you to what you need to know in order to move out of your block into unconditional love.

While these snippets exemplify an emotional block, this strategy of calling upon three DIVINE BEINGS or GUIDES helps you move through physical blocks and mental blocks as well. First of all, they are all interconnected. Physical dis-ease is a symptom of disconnection from your DIVINE. Mental blocks, really, are the same. IF you were connected with your DIVINE and essence of unconditional love at all times, mental patterns of self-doubt, fear, etc. would either not exist or not keep you from shining your light. The same applies to physical health. LOVING all of yourself, every part of your body, every single cell would result in your perfect BEING coming forth to shine and dis-ease and illness would disappear. (You may refer to Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, and many others on that one.)

Therefore, loved ones, call upon your guides. Our purpose in life is to re-connect to unconditional love. Our blocks stand in the way, while our GUIDES stand by the way, ready to assist you. Have the courage to connect: with yourself, with them and through them.