MerKaBa Meditation

The MerKaBa workshop was amazing! Going into it, I was excited and had no idea what to expect. As I met Ronja, I knew it was a safe and comfortable place. She did a great job of helping us to understand what we were focusing on and feeding into the right spirit to get us where we needed to be. Throughout the exercises I felt an overwhelming sense of love and connection with nature and the group.
Ronja mentioned things will start coming up, but I didn’t really think much of it till I was driving to work the next day. That was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with emotional love for my mother and how important she is to me and experienced a revelation of her love and significance in that day. So often I’ve thought my birthday a special day for me when, in all actuality, it is a day I should be showing appreciation to my parents.
The full meditation brought on amazing sights, a sense of open beauty, surrounding wonders, an absolute peace, and a revelation of a higher spiritual self.
One of the other students was well versed in Biblical references and made the experience really neat for me personally, as he related verses to each aspect of the meditation and tied it in with my Christian faith.
Thank you again for facilitating this opportunity; I’ve started every morning so far with a MerKaBa Meditation. As you have stated, this is a very powerful meditation.
JF, Texas

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