We all experience rejection on a regular basis. Situations range from having the register close when it is our turn in the long line at the grocery store to breaking up a relationship or being laid off. How we respond to those situations seems to depend on the gravity of the situation or our daily form, but really, our “form” and perception are very much informed by past experiences, and even objectively benign rejections can call forth an exaggerated response.

In a one-day workshop, you will learn about the underlying emotions of rejection, have a chance to access those emotions, and will be introduced to techniques that help process them in a small, intimate group of six participants at the most.

Rejection is not peanuts! Find more information about this life-altering workshop under the appropriate tab in the main menu above.



The MerKaBa is an energy field around our physical bodies, which can be activated with a set of mudras (finger yoga), breathing patterns, and visualizations. When activated regularly, it not only helps find equilibrium in life, but also helps move into states of higher consciousness during which it feels easier and safer to shed the painful experiences of our current reality. Based on the energy of Unconditional Love, it is a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

In this one-day workshop, you will be introduced to the theoretical background of this meditation as it used to be taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek, will experience the powerful field of energy generated by the MerKaBa structure, and will learn the breathing techniques, mudras, and visualizations that activate the MerKaBa field in only 17 breaths. Done daily, this meditation is truly transformational  by helping you connect with your highest self and/or spirit guides.

Find more information about the MerKaBa Meditation workshop under the appropriate tab and experience how this meditation initiates and / or facilitates your spiritual journey!


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