MerKaBa Meditation

Dates: Please contact me to organize a workshop at your convenience!

Info: Usually pronounced MerKABa, the term appears in many languages including Zulu, Egyptian, and Hebrew. However, in this case, MerKaBa derives from the Egyptian Mystery School. Its three syllables each have a particular meaning: Mer refers to breath-activated fields of light that spin counter to each other, Ka denotes the individual spirit of the person, while Ba describes the individual’s perceptions or interpretations of his/her current reality. In conjunction, MerKaBa means a body enveloped and protected by counter-rotating fields of light that may serve as a vehicle for inter-dimensional transportation.

Despite this rather complicated definition and the intricate techniques that are taught safely by a facilitator only, the MerKaBa Meditation is easily learned in a day and is an excellent tool for:

  • finding equilibrium
  • quieting the mind
  • creating peace with one’s world
  • improving relationships with one’s family, co-workers, friends
  • healing psychological traumas
  • healing / preventing physical ills
  • establishing a rapport with one’s inner / true self
  • initiating or facilitating spiritual evolution

While the Flower of Life Research, LLC with which Drunvalo Melchizedek created this meditation does not currently offer this workshop anymore, there are people who have studied with that institution and now offer to teach the meditation.

Facilitator: I trained with an official Flower of Life Research organization facilitator in a 3-day workshop two years ago and have practiced the meditation daily ever since. Since the FOL organization is now defunct, and their trained facilitators no longer officially teach the meditation, I feel prompted to offer the meditation technique in Texas and wherever people invite to, as I love to travel! Otherwise, to the best of my knowledge, there is only Maureen St. Germain who offers workshops periodically in NYC and California, since even the original teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek has ceased to train people. Please contact me, if you would like to help organize a workshop in your area and get trained by me for FREE!

Additionally, I have trained with ©Everything Is Energy and others for over 15 years to develop my energy healing modalities and am qualified to create an energetically safe space. As an experienced instructor, I now offer you the opportunity to learn the MerKaBa Meditation in just one day. I will be available for questions and help after the workshops, however, and provide feedback if needed.

Join a small group of no more than 12 participants to experience Unconditional Love, energetic uplifting, and a meditation technique that has been called “miraculous” for its transformational powers!

Time & Date: Please contact me to organize a workshop at your convenience!

Location: Please contact me to organize a workshop at your location (Germany, Europe, USA, rest of the world – I love to travel)!

For all locations, if weather permits: parts of the workshop will take place outside in a park.

Cost: approximately €150 / person depending on location – organizer attends for free !

NOTE: Prices include workshop materials, meditation CD, snacks, a surprise gift, and CONTINUOUS CARE after the workshop is over – that means you can call, email, or visit with me to process possible things and answer any questions related to the MerKaBa Meditation.

Please contact me for payment information! Namaste’

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