Rejection Workshop

Date: TBA

Info: We all experience rejection on a regular basis. Situations range from having the register close when it is our turn in the long line at the grocery store to breaking up a relationship or being laid off. How we respond to those situations seems to depend on the gravity of the situation or our daily form, but really, our “form” and perception are very much informed by past experiences, and even objectively benign rejections can call forth an exaggerated response.

Even when we think we deal well with rejection overall, suddenly the incident at the grocery store can set us off to respond in a way that is uncharacteristic for us, out of proportion to the situation, and possibly harmful for our reputation or, worse, to our environment. But there is a reason for it, and the reason is the sum of all the underlying feelings that we have accumulated with every rejection over time that get triggered unconsciously – unconsciously because we are not and have not been aware of them.

This workshop intends to help you recognize situations of rejection, make you aware of the feelings that inform your response, such as sadness, fear, anger, etc., and allow those feelings to be expressed in a way that neither hurts yourself or your environment and other people in it. In addition, you will learn and practice various techniques to process all aspects of a rejection experience by yourself after the workshop has ended.

The one-day workshop for a limited number of six participants will be facilitated by Edward Wertz and Dr. Ronja Vieth and comprises the following components:

  • lecture
  • writing
  • discussion
  • establishment of workshop rules to ensure a safe space
  • artistic expression (materials are provided)
  • group work
  • individual work
  • meditation
  • visualization exercises

Snacks, juices, and water are provided as well!

Time & Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Cost: €120

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